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SANTINIKETAN DIGITAL RESEARCH CENTRE is an institution having the mission to introduce & to promote digitalization in health-care & agriculture sectors initially. But gradually, it will be a centre of excellence for research & development for all sectors that demand digitalization.

The dramatic increase over the last two decades or so in computing power, in wired and wireless connectivity, and in the availability of data has affected all aspects of our lives. Our mission is to provide an accessible scope to the researchers for harnessing innovations in digital technologies to transform their research methods. We should know, how & why e-Research methods have emerged, including an account of the drivers that have motivated their development and the barriers to their successful adoption and how innovations in digital technologies are enabling the emergence of more powerful research infrastructure, services and tools.

Digital platforms are increasingly used to reach people for research in health care, agricultural development and many other fields.

‘Digitally mediated research methods’ means the use of online and other digital technologies, such as online surveys, text messages and interactive voice response systems for research purposes.

Digitally mediated research methods have several advantages compared with face-to-face methods.

Digital health, the convergence of healthcare, health, digital technologies and the internet to improve and personalize healthcare delivery, is expanding access to care and promoting health and wellbeing for many people. Digital health can be broadly divided into 5 categories. Mobile health (mHealth) refers to mobile apps that can be used to educate patients and help them manage chronic diseases. Information technology (IT) involves the secure storage and sharing of health information, including electronic health records (EHRs). Wearable devices are used to consistently monitor vital signs or other health activity of users.
Telehealth can connect patients and physicians remotely via the internet, and personalized medicine uses healthcare technologies such as genome sequencing to customize treatment options for patients. Federally-funded research has not only fueled the development of digital health technologies, but has made use of these technologies to improve health care delivery and health outcomes for everyone from newborns to patients living with opioid addiction.

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